We had a delightful 4th of July celebration today at Mum and Dad's. Rachel gave us this fabulous flag. Mum's cooking was divine, as ever, and I baked a delicious apple pie! (Actually, I bought it at a store, and my honest Coco foiled my otherwise successful masquerade!) My nephew David Nicholas was very charming. On the way home, with Dad, we basked under the winter sun. And I just finished 'The Girls from Ames', in the bath, a wonderful tome celebrating women's friendships.

Last 4th of July, with much pomp and ceremony, I became a US citizen at the Seattle Center (created for the World Fair in 1960. Bens and my first married 4th was a BBQ at Ady Acres, when I'd just found out
I was pregnant with Eowyn. Their whole church came every year. Makes
me a little sad to think of Sue being alive then and not now.
Our 2nd 4th, Samwise was there with us, and some friends, and we
climbed onto the roof - the boys carefully passing baby Eowyn up - and
watched the first 4th fireworks display after 9/11 - very grand and
patriotic, with a great big ol' plane towing a mammoth flag. No, Sam txted from his phone, "It was a humongous, low helicopter carrying a massive US flag!"
Our 3rd 4th i was pregnant with Coco, and our 4th 4th (???!!!!!) the 4
(!) of us watched the fireworks from the window nook (not the roof
this time!!!!)

I wish you all a very happy 4th of July!!


I love those background paintings. E's or C's???love

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