29! Samwise!

I'm fondly remembering Sam-birthdays across the years - the day you were born, hugging you for the first time and feeling your soft, warm baby skin, your 2nd birthday in Ky, when you were the cutest little waddling dumpling! Your 6th birthday when we'd just moved to Sydney, just after Stephen died, our camping trip to the Jenolan Caves, where you and I and laughed uproariously the whole way, mooning the moon on the roof in Perth, celebrating your 21st in LA and Seattle, Patricia's fabulous 'Samwise' cake, doing ad lib spontaneous public drama together in Fremont by Lake  Union, seeing you last May in London, your wonderful appellations for people... !!!!
Love you, love being your sister, happy 29th birthday Samwise!
Love Meepsterooni!!


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