This is the White family, (L-R) Brisa, Alise, Hannah, Jesse, Josh, Liberty, Sierra, Joe, Sophia and Jewel. I first met them in 2000 when I was on LOGOS II and came with Bens to Ady Acres. They have been good friends ever since, and Eowyn and Coco love playdates with the Whites. Their home is very fun and relaxed, and reminds me of my own childhood, with my 5 siblings.

Today, we Adys attending Joe's funeral service and interment. Each of Joe's siblings expressed their love and sadness and memories of Joe. I feel so sad for these dear ones, and wanted to honour them, and ask for you to pray for them. My heart feels very raw and exposed, feeling sad for the White children, and remembering Tom, Rachel, Seren, Sam and me at our brother Stephen's funeral.

Siblings are very special, and I am extremely thankful for mine. Love you, Tom, Rachel, Seren, Sam & Stephen!


Seren said…
Thanks, Sib.
Certainly praying for them. Much love ,Mum

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