My first wild Chanterelle EVER! (And a little cluster of Angels' Wings for the girls!)

Today I found CHANTERELLE MUSHROOMS, on the Necklace Valley trail! about 30! in little
cloisters all around the forest! We had a delicious chanterelle,
butter and garlic stir fry for dinner. (the girls had angel wings stir
fry - the angel wings were also harvested in the woods on my hike!)

To find this lovely Chanterelle spot, take the Foss River Road just past the ranger station on hwy 2, past Skykomish. Turn right at each fork in the road - the trail is on the left, before the junction where Maloney Mountain is to the right in 5, and the end of the road to the left in 2. After the trail crosses a stunning waterfally stream, on a lovely log bridge, wander along a while and the first copse is down the hill on the right. Come to a hollow tree which the trail seems to go right into (and actually goes to the left, but getting inside the tree and looking up is fun, and kind of irrestistable!) Keep walking. Soon, on the right is a great big nurse log. Where the trail meanders of to the left, stop! The Chanterelles are all around, on both sides of the trail, delightfully hiding. Climb over the nurse log to find more.......


Seren said…
I just accidently looked up "Bad End Hobbits"

Made me laugh when I realised my mistake. Apparently that blog is still available.

xx seren
Megs said…
the mushrooms did seem a little like joyous nuns, huddled out there in the woods... clusters of cloisters!!!! cloistered clusters! i love you and words mum xo

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