The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival!

The picture a few down in the previous post is of Eowyn, aged 4 weeks, at the Tulip Festival! We had a lovely time traipsing throught the tulips, until, on the walk back to the car, we realised we'd lost our carkeys in the tulips. After half an hour searching, cold, tired, hungry, thirsty, we Ady ladies were rather worried. The Skagit Valley is 100 miles north of Seattle, and we don't (didn't!) have a spare key. We asked for help, and people lined up and scoured the field - after another half hour, a young lad found the keys!!!!!!! Hurrah!

Bens and I have started working with dear little S this week. It was a very moving experience, to connect so peacefully and slowly and timefully with her. S is 5, and was diagnosed with autism aged 18 months. Her Mom is a good friend of mine and a really amazing person. I'm also going to be facilitating a 3rd Little PEPperS group over the summer. I feel a little sad and worried about having less time with my dear girls - it's a tension I've always lived in as a mother, the tug between wanting to connect closely with them and have lovely time together, and wanting professional adventures. 

Australia is on the cards! Sometime between June 2009 and January 2010. My dear husband is massaging my shoulders - he wants to talk and felt like I didn't want to talk - so I'm going to go and spend time with delightful Benjamin!



Megs said…
I wish you would comment it now ILL give you 100 dollars if you do!
Megs said…
(that was Eowyn commenting!! She doesn't actually have 100 dollars to give you if you comment...)

June 1 is my USA citizenship exam, and Feb 13 is the day by which Bens has to enter Australia on his spouse visa -hence the span of possible time for us to emigrate. I hope we're there to see Sam, Becca and Zach in December!!!!
Megs said…
Seren made Coco's top, Becca made Coco's skirt! Thanks and thanks!
3 beautiful girls tiptoeing through the tulips.
caroline said…
just beautiful! :-) and I´m exited you moving to Aussiland!!!! Thanks for writing Meg....I really wouled love to talk to you. What was your skype name? Mine is caroline.maurer let´s talk and see!!!!!!!!!
Big hug
la caro.
beeeee ooo tiful!! :)

b xx
aunty anita said…
how lovely it all looks


caroline said…
Loved talking to you too, darling! :-)
so good to hear you!
never give up!
love you
la caro

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