Coco's school!

Coco, Daddy and Mummy had a lovely picnic, and then walked along by the water to Coco's classroom, where her teachers awaited - here they are! Coco is very advanced in physical develoment, and an absolute star on the monkey bars, and she is progressing very well in beginning reading and math, and social skills. She's had a wonderful year at school, and we've just heard she's accepted into Kindergarten there in the fall, which is grand!

Tomorrow evening is the EEU auction, so the school has been transformed into a spy's dream, and I am playing the White Spy, from Mad Magazine - my arsenal includes a gun, all manner of wonderful bombs, dynamite, the works ... the Black Spy is in for it! I am so excited about this fun role! And it's ironic, isn't it, that a pacifist like me is SO very excited to be running around with toy weapons!!

On Sunday, my wonderful writing group is meeting. I have begun a novel, and shall read some of it to the group, and give them chocolate to eat at the chocolatey part of the story thus far!

On Monday at 1.30 I have my oral US Civics Exam, which I must pass in order to become a US citizen, as well as an English exam. The latter is fine, the former terrifies me! Sometimes my brain and my speech disconnect, and I fear myself saying absurd things or giggling or falling to pieces! Official folk around here tend to be somewhat austere and lacking in sense of humour! Please pray for me..........

And on the following weekend, our little family is going to Peaceful Ponds, holiday house of our friends the Geigers who've very generously let us stay there often over the years we've been in the USA. It's a very holy, spiritual place where God is. There are seven ponds, one with row boats, a kayak, a rope swing and a little island the girls love to swim to - they ADORE peaceful ponds!

And the weekend after that, we're visiting darling Arenda and Jeremy in Canada.

And the weekend after that is our lovely summer solstice party!

And the weekend after that our gifted choreographer friend Karin's dance company is making their debut performance...

I'm not sure why I'm detailing our calendar to you, but I imagine it's mostly because I want your lives and ours to feel connected. I love this community of bloggers and am very thankful for you!!!!


what a wonderful few weeks ahead you have! love s
Yes. And we'll be praying for you on Mon, my lovely.
caroline said…
I love it -to have a Adys "weekly" -makes me feel beeing part over thousands of kilometers...
love you caro

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