gorgeous cardigan grandma. zach is enjoying his orange stripey jumper and Coco's (i think?) old blue stripey jumper that you made. becca x
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Megs said…
Yes, it fits both girls - they share their wardrobes, which is lovely!!
Clever Grandma!
Do Flat Eowyn and Flat Coco also share their Grandma jumpers?!
Megs said…
The blue-and-white striped jumper Zach looks so handsome in is very special - Mum knitted it for Eowyn when I was just pregnant and she visited us at Cerin Amroth - I couldn't believe I was going to have a tiny baby who would fit into it! Eowyn wore it, and then Cosette, and now Zachary! Very wonderful!
(and a wee kiss for Z!)
PS Yes, Auntie Rachel, Flat Eowyn and Flat Coco DO share their jumpers!!!!

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