Big Sister reading Dirty Bertie to Little Sister!


Megs said…
oooh, you just said that sam becca and zach! hi!

yes, mum, it's actually at eowyn's old classroom, which she was keen to see, as we were at a function for coco's class at the eeu this evening!

love you all,
baker st jones said…
are they their 'indoor shoes'? eddie has some, well, slippers for indoors in the nursery - but he told me last night they might get paint on i think we wil be rescuing thomas the tank engine slippers soon and replacing with some plimsoll pumps


Yes, Eowyn looks v at home there. Eddie is a careful boy, isn't he??
gorgeous photo. gorgeous girls. b xx
Eowyn - i have matching crocs! :) b

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