I love you, dear Sister! I remember rocking your dark brown wooden cradle before you were born, longing for you to arrive in the world. I remember peeking around the door, watching Mum groan through a labour pain in her rocking chair by the fire. I remember dancing in ballet class while you were being born, SO excited to meet you. I remember looking into your eyes, holding you, loving you, being so proud of you.

I love you as a newborn baby, snuggled in my arms.

I love you as the little darling blonde toddler who would follow me around, talking in your dear little high-pitched voice, so responsive to kindness. I love you as my dearling room-mate in Queenstown - you would wake up in the morning so full of energy and delight, and stand in your cot talking to me, as I slowly opened my sleepy eyes.

I love you as a ballerina, beginning aged 3, so elegant and graceful and perfect in your movements, shimmering and silvery in your 20's dance outfit on stage in Kyabram.

I love you as a little sister hand in my big sister hand, walking together, singing, laughing, talking.

I love you dancing on the roof together in Parramatta, drenched in the beauty and wonder of a torrential downpour, thunder booming.

I love you singing Nina Simone in the kitchen in Perth, cooking the most incredible concuctions, throwing in combinations of herbs and spices which ALWAYS created delicious.

I love you walking arm in arm together under the stars along Sorrento Beach.

I love you as my confidante, stroking my tummy and saying 'clean', speaking words of hope.

I love you as my feminist inspiration, introducing me to Adrienne Rich and Judy Grahn and performing sacred rituals together.

I love your voice on the telephone, so soft and strong and beautiful.

I love your words, your txt messages, your eloquence.

I love you winning arguments.

I love you snuggled with me on your bed in Port Macquarie, one of us crying, the other consoling.

I love you plunging together into the soft, foamy ocean at 'Seren's Beach'.

I love you hugging me goodbye and still waving when I looked out my window after take-off.

I love you touching my nose-jewel in the plane, crying and wondering when next I'll see you.

I love you as my sister, my dear sister, whose 30 years I celebrate gleefully. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEREN!!!!!!!!!

All my love, for ever and ever,
Megan Ann


A wonderful tribute both to Seren and to you, And to sisterhood. love, Mum

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