Benjamin finished the Melbourne marathon. I am very proud of him!!!!!
Ptolemy is purring, snuggled on my lap, Eowyn and Coco and Bens are cosy in bed, and I am feeling thankful for them all. Poor Freya has an awful sore all around her neck, where somebody put a rubberband. It is summer, though very chilly, but I don't mind. I had a sense of feeling connected to eternity, outside time, Jesus being such a strong rock. I had been feeling very afraid for Coco's future well-being, which happens to me sometimes. Anxiety is rather unpleasant. I think I'd much rather not experience it. Imagine that!


RETA said…
Great finish! Congratulations Benjamin!

I hope blessings will abound for you this new year.

congrats! Im so proud of him!

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