Hello! I guesss I've not been blogging so much of late. I have been reading even more avidly than usual, and work has been intense (I think that is the nature of work with homeless youth), and I have been putting the energy left over into time with Bens, Eowyn and Coco. Bens and I went on a date last week, and firstly went to a bookstore on Lygon St and purchased a book for each of the four of us. I have just finished reading Coco's to the girls, and it was beautiful. Mine is by a favourite author, Siri Hustvedt, and I'm enjoying it very much. When I've finished, I shall give it to Mum for 'plane reading on the way to England, and after that, any of you in England who'd like to read it may. It is nice to be able to share books across the oceans. I feel very connected to you, lovely blog community, having recently stayed with all my Jones of England, and seen Caro, and spent time with Mum and Dad and Rachel and David and Seren and Jonathan here in Melbs, and had intense conversations with Karen. Gimena and Jonathan and Monica, does this mean a visit to Argentina and the USA ought be in store, so I can see you all too? And is there anybody else who reads my blog?


moNEEKa said…
It's funny to see all these colors because I usually just read your blog in Google Reader.

In the words of Daft Punk: "around the world, around the world . . . "
Yes Maam, I still feel v committed to the blog, espec your's, my Darling

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