Hello! Coco and I are at Abu Dhabi Airport. It is very lovely, to think about our holiday in London, and our richness of connection with those there, the conversations back yard cricket, delish food, fine liquor, mmusic, llaughter, frustration, trampoline bouncing, brusque cabbies, brilliant accents,  beer  on the house at t & a's sunday pub, cousins sleepovers, airport waves, love, etc.

We have to wait for our plane to Melbs, and at the other end, my paarents await us. i think mother shall enjoy my gimmicky will and kate gift!!

llove and thanks for having me and loving me,

meg, who has oh so recently seen tom, anita, eddie, sebbie, roo, stella, nina, karina, caro, sam, becca, zach and martha! 

ps photos galore on mmy facebook page...


anita said…
free beer at our pub! wow

miss u (but we still have karina here!)

What's this free beer thing?? Welcome home, Megg and Coco. love

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