Coco and my masterpiece, for Eowyn's horse riding party tomorrow!

Well, I can't seem to get this picture on to the blog, which doesn't give poor ol' Eldamar a very good prognosis, given that it takes a millisecond to put something on facebook, and 10 frustrating minutes to NOT put something on this blog. Hmmm. I am a little worried the ears will melt (on the cake), as it is really hot here at the moment, and the cake isn't until after the ride, and we don't have a cold box. We had one in the USA. There are still a lot of things we don't have here. The idea of throwing off the shackles of material items was lovely in theory. However in practice, it could mean the horse's ears, and alas, the entire cake, melt before their time. If you are curious as to what this cake looks like, you may view it on facebook -


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