Celebrating our superb seven year old!!

Coco's 7th birthday
* Movie and breakfast in bed (on the tray Bens brought me breakfast in bed on in the caravan of love by the Skykomish River, 27/2/2001, and every Ady birthday since!!)
*A day at LUNA PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Coco is writing these exclamation marks!!)
* we met gemma and pepper and we saw mads!) (Coco wrote that entire sentence!)
*Street Theatre
*Mac 'n Cheese, sausage rolls, white chocolate mousse and a unicorn cake decorated by Eowyn and Mummy.
*Reading all the books Coco received for her birthday (including 'Black Dog' from Great Auntie Nancie, which Coco read by herself, 'Stories for 7 Year Olds', which Uncle Sam, Auntie Becca and Cousin Zachary (and Twinkle Martha??!!!) gave Eowyn for HER 7th, and which Eowyn gave Coco, and one of my favourites from childhood, Enid Blyton's Magic Faraway Tree collection - was delightful seeing my girls meet the folk of the faraway tree for the first time! Big wide excited eyes!!!)
*Seven Times One, by Jean Ingelow
"... And show me your next, with the young ones in it-
I will not steal them away;
I am old, you may trust me, linnet, linnet!
I am seven times one to-day."


caroline said…
wow great birthday!!! Well done Mummy Meg and Daddy Ben and sister Eowyn!
parfumuri said…
HAPPY birthday :) nice party

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