last night, Eowyn, Coco and I pulled our orange kayak up onto that far sandy beach, having paddled down from our campsite, swam to the river  mouth where the ocean's frothy waves almost spilled into  the river lagoon, dune jumped, sang 'You Are My Hiding Place' as a round, ate the native dune plant 'Pig Face' (which Aboriginal People have eaten for millenia), felt the sand beneath our toes (and in  our hair!), and paddled back, against the wind, to the campfire Bens had built,  where he was playing guitar, surrounded by people we've  been camping with the last 2 weeks, and we joined them, toasted marshmallows, sang songs and ate freddo frogs.
 Here are Eowyn, Grace and our kayak!
 Coco in the apple myrtle at our campsite
 The one I love to be serenaded by!
Coco's tent was a favourite meeting place for her little friends - we went with a group of her classmates and their families and friends.

now we are home, with clean hair!!!! i am going to look at your lovely blogs, catch up (and get excited about Coco and my trip to the UK!)

thanks so much mum and dad for giving us your car, camping gear and scrummy food for our adventure!

love you all,



caroline said…
oh it looks soooo beautiful!!! I hope you could relaxe a litte :-)
Well in my blog you find nothing new...somehow I don´t find time or I´m to tired...
We had white Christmas!!! lots and lots of snow! That was nice! Now all the snow is gone and its a bit ugly...longing for spring (or perhaps another wave of snow!)
love you and see you in TWO AND A HALF MONTH! :-) la caro.

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