Off to school!

 Ours is the back  apartment, lowest level, you can see our balcony with the lovely bay tree Seren gave me for my 40th! We have broccoli, and a tomato from Mum, and orange flowers from Bens growing inside!

 The 112 tram goes right along our street! This is just in front of our home...
...and this is our neighbours across the road.

Like in  Seattle, almost all our friends here are very financially wealthy, more so than us. This was really hard for me in the first months here, but in the last month, with the help of my good friend Martina, I have been focusing on contentment and thankfulness, and it is working!!!!!!!!!!!!


Darling, the tomato should also be on the balcony......Lots of sun needed.
Anonymous said…
Hi Megs,

Haven't been here for a while - just thought I'd stop by. It's lovely to see where you live - is that St Kilda East? I wouldn't worry about not having the material wealth of your neighbours, Meg. You have a great gift for living life to the full no matter what your circumstances are - you have travelled extensively, studying and learning whever you go. And you are surrounded by the love of your gorgeous family. I think that makes you truly rich.

love and hugs,

Gorgeous photos... capturing such lovely sisterly moments and look like lovely meandering and exploring along the way. B xx

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