Les artistes...

I have just talked with a piano teacher in our neighbourhood, and am taking the girls to meet her this afternoon, with the idea being to perhaps start piano lessons! They are expensive, but now that I am working, 'tis a gift I would like to give them. I wanted to learn as a teenager, and didn't have that opportunity - parenting is a lot about pendulums, isn't it, which is one reason we so enjoy having grandparents around - the girls are swinging back to them! I have an enormous grocery shop to unpack. Bens has been amazing, keeping the home fires burning whilst I am off at my new job, which is going very well. My mentor, a lovely woman named Jenny, said "I think you have the personality and "know how "to be an excellent Secondary School Nurse," which encouraged me immensely. Because the hospital job in Australia went so dreadfully, I have been rather anxious about this position - it seems it's a really good fit for me!


This is great Megs about your job - I agree with your mentor! And lovely pic of gorgeous girls!

B xx
Anonymous said…
It's not too late - you could sign up too!
caroline said…
I think so,too- you will do excellent at your job! -Because you are a excellent, fantastic women!!
And I love that picture of the girls!

And guess what-I dreamed of you last night! I visited you in Australia :-)
miss you caro.

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