I have a few minutes before it's time to pop up to the school and collect the girls. For the first time in my life, I attended a parents' association meeting there this morning - and, as you do, found myself signing up to be Eowyn's class rep, a role primarily involving coordination of social events for grade 3 parents. A lovely mom invited Eowyn to join the Cheetahs basketball team, which practices after school today. I hope she wants to, as it will be fun, and Coco has a friend in a team she could join. (She'll like the name of Eowyn's team!)

I just applied for a job at the Action Centre in downtown Melbourne - it's a place offering services to teens, around  sexual health issues - Seren told me about it. There are small groups i could facilitate, and educational roles I could fill. The Australian  Government is very kindly paying me an allowance but not requiring me to be actively pursuing work, because I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. It is very hard to be patient with myself - I don't constantly feel awful, though at times I do. The thing which is most noticeable is that I don't cope at all well with new situations where there are expectations (even very small ones) of me.

Eowyn had a little friend over for a playdate yesterday, and the day before that we had wine and pate and quiche on the beach with the families of some of Coco's classmates. There are lots of really lovely people here. I am a bit worried I won't recognize people on the playground with whom I've interacted socially, because there are so many new people all at once. Bens is very happy, working as a Sonrise playroom facilitator for 3 families, all who appreciate him immensely (as do I!)

Tonight we are going to wander around the St Kilda night market and listen to live music, unless we are too exhausted and just go to bed early, as we have on occasion being doing.

Off I go to pick up the girls, wearing Karen's yummy chocolate lip balm and Karen's lovely curly red earrings!


Basketball teams!!!!!!!!!!!Really Ozzy. love
Anonymous said…
Fantastic about the basketball. And so cute that you wrote 'mom' not 'mum'.


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