My wonderful Bens

Ain't he lovely?!
i am very thankful for him!
Coco starts KINDERGARTEN tomorrow, and Eowyn starts SECOND GRADE!
I have a job as a midwife at Epworth Hospital in Melbourne, Australia on Dec 7th, and Bens is going to Massachussets for two weeks training as a Son-Rise autism spectrum play therapist on September 16th.
All this change and transition is wearing me out.
Our friend Russell introduced us to the 9th Dr Who at our Dr Who party on Monday, and Bens and i have been watching a few episodes each evening./
Teeth are supposed to be being brushed, however shenanigans have overtaken ablutions...
love megs


A lovely photo of Bens. Congrats, both on the Epworth, and the Massachussetts course. Love
Joe said…
yey, good work!
caroline said…
Hey Meg!! Thats great you got a midwife job!
And yes I can only imagine where you go through right now!!! Big changes!! Take it esay..... realax :-)
I pray for you! And I really wouled love to talk to you :-) I´ve got some news.... love caro.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on your job, Megs. Will you be full-time?

I know what you mean about transitions being stressful. I feel exhausted from all the changes the last year has wrought in our lives.


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