Coco's 2nd week of kindergarten (pix taken by her teachers!)

And here you can see Bens working with Sofi at the Options Institute in Massachusetts.

In honesty, I am finding caring for the girls without Bens here to be utterly overwhelming. I am in awe of single mums. I feel flooded, exhausted, overwhelmed, and often unable to regenerate myself and be kind rather than yelling.

Eowyn and Coco are very insightful. Last night Eowyn said, in a serious tone, "Mama, I think you're yelling a lot because Daddy's away and you miss him." (I'd just apologised for yelling at her). Parenting is by far the hardest thing I've ever done. I love them so much, but have such limited energy to give, because they always demand so much of my energy. They came out of my body and they keep needing my body, and my body loves to be needed by them, but gets tired...


Oh, I remember those lovely coloured ball things, that Coco is playing with in the black dress!! You'all loved them. Keep up the good work, my Darling. It's so great that you can apologise to the girls. Love
Have just looked at Ben's you Tube - fantastic, Ben

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