"Is this a piece of your brain?"

This toothpaste like gooey concuction is, somehow or other, me!
And the good news is, everything is normal, no sinister tumours or aneurysms or other such things.
Well, brilliant, but medically normal.
So there's no explanation for my very low oestrogen - please pray my body starts making it again, as I miss having oestrogen and menstrual cycles, and it's essential for strong bones.


Jenny said…
Sometimes I think less oestrogen is better!!!!
wow. how cool to see your brain like that! amazing! looks like a good one! :)

B x
Secret said…
Eat edamame!

Maybe? Did they tell you to eat more soy? You know there is a faction that says all the soy in our diets is turning our boys into girls . . .

Anyway, edamame is yummy and fun to eat!
caroline said…
I´m glad your Brain`s all right!
I pray for more Oestrogen for you
We shouled talk some time :-)
love you caro
Kezias Adress comes with email!
I seem to have missed this toothpaste blog. Very glad there's nothing wrong, Darling.

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