We miss you. We love you. You would be turning 25 today. I wish I could have known you as a schoolboy, as a teenager, as an adult. Your nieces Eowyn and Cosette and your Uncle Benjamin know all about you even though they've never met you. I love you Stephen John and am crying tears for you. Love your big sister Meggs xoxoxo


Jenny said…
That is a lovely photo of you all Megs.
I do love that photo. But his birthday was 13th June. You're muddled because he died 10 days before his 3rd birthday. I thought of him, a lot at Stephen Bloor's wedding, since they were exactly the same age. Would Stephen have gone to England and married there, like the other boys?? What would his job be??
I love you, Meggs, for remembering. Much love, MUM

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