This rock, rent in half (or TWO rocks, as Eowyn and Coco said) has always enchanted me, every time I hike to Lake Dot. There's something mysterious about the fact one can't see all the way in. It's at the very last huff-and-puff bit, where if you didn't know you were nearly there, you'd probably stop. One of us did, and sat down and had a tantrum of sorts. In fact, I was the only member of our party who didn't have at least two major tantrums along the way! And one of us took a lot of convincing that she was actually the kind of lion who walks on her back legs, rather than crawling through the forest on all fours... Yet we made it, and 'twas a wonderful, togethery kind of adventure - the stuff memories are made of!!


Wow! What a rock. Well done, Meggs - no tantrums! love
good hiking ady ladies!! amazing rock! love b x

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