Friday, September 12, 2008

Mushroom City!


sam becca & zach said...

magic mushrooms!!??? did you try them? ;)

megs - thank you for the very cool CD for Zach. He loves it. Zach and I were stuck in traffic the other day and singing loudly along with the CD saved us from a zach melt-down! i'm really enjoying it. i tihnk zach is too! :)

love b xx

gretta at lothlorien said...

I love your Seattle woods, Meggs. Was this a special Mummy and Coco outing, while E was at school?? love

Megs said...

i'm so pleased Zach likes his CD so much Becca, and love your comments on my blog!

Yes, Mum, 'twas a special Coco and Mummy day, and she and I both had a blast. I loved traipsing in the Seattle woods with you, just 2 weeks ago exactly!!

ANACHRONISM 68 said...

interesting shot!