Dear Nana is very close to the end of her life. She has said so many beautiful and comforting things recently - she's invited Eowyn, Coco, Kat and me to an 'Ady Ladies' Tea Party' in heaven. She told me I was love personified these last months. And she's been amazingly kind and understanding about how hard it was for me to adapt to life in the USA initially. She said "You must have not wanted to hear another thing about America!" It's been a real time of reconciliation and love between us.

Bens is on his way out now - he wanted to go alone, and be with his family. He has taken his academic garb to don for her, as it seems she won't be able to be at his graduation ceremony on Saturday. Dear Bens. His last exam was today, so he's a graduand.

Thank you all for your love and prayers and kindness to us,

Love Megs


Anonymous said…
Megs, I'm thinking and praying for you and Ben and his sweet mother.

Congrats on Bens excellent results.

sam and becca said…
so moving Bens going out there with his robes. we love you guys. sam et al
Praying for you all, my Darling. You have done wonderfully, in your ministry to Sue. And Bens, in getting all that study done regardless. Please whisper my love to Sue. Love, MUM

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