Thank you, Meggs, for these beautiful photos. Are the girls doing their ballet?? For Nana??
Megs said…
Eowyn and Coco did their whole ballet concert again just for Nana, at her home, and she was awake, and loved it she said! A very precious time! And I whispered your love to her, and she sends you her love. And Dad, and she said she prays for Tom, Rachel, Seren and Sam.

And she loves Eowyn and Coco SO much. And Bens, Kat and Ben. And me. She is very expressive of her love.
Jenny said…
Hi Megs. It sounds like another turning point in life at your end.
Andrew's dad is dying too. He has been in hospital for over a month now, and we just got news today that his heart has 'had problems' today. It is hard to visit, I never know what to say. The kids even less so.
Congrats on Ben graduating.

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