Tom and i have had such a lovely time in new york. I am very thankful for my brother, for all my wonderful Jones family, and for my dear Bens, Eowyn and Cosette, to whom i gladly return.


caroline said…
Hey Meg- you´ve been in NY!!
And was this Jonathan?
It´s great having brother-and-sister time. I´m glad you had it!
And happy Motherday :-) you´re a great mum!!!!
love caroline
Great shots of you both. I'm so happy that you had that time together. Isn't Central Park great?? And wonderful paintings. Who is the other fellow?? Love
Megs said…
That's Jonathan, whom Bens met in the Caribbean and I met in Argentina - we all sailed across the Atlantic to Africa and then through the Straits of Gibraltar to Italy!

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