We love you Nana, Mom, Susan

Thank you dear family and friends for your loving support.

Yesterday morning, Nana dreamt Jesus was pulling her big toe, saying 'Are you coming home to me?' She left me a voicemail message saying 'I love you my daughter. See you in heaven!' Bens, Eowyn, Cosette and I went out to be with her. Her delightful sense of humour is very much still present - there was much laughter around her. In this photo Nana is being His Holiness the Dalai Lama, whilst Kat and I laugh uproariously. The three of us had a very precious time, reading from 'Celtic Daily Prayer'. Nana said in heaven she'd have the teapot ready and waiting for us, and Eowyn and Coco (who were holding her hand and stroking her feet) for an 'Ady Ladies' Teaparty' in heaven. Bens, Nana and I sang together, songs about Jesus she loves. Bens wonderful laughter and Nana's wonderful laughter joined together, and Kat's and Nana's Mom Kaye's. It sounded like a beautiful symphony. Nana's husband Bucca was very sad. He and Kat were taking care of her and doing all sorts of practical things, like attending to her intravenous pain relief, and giving her drinks of orange juice.

Nana's soft blue eyes were shining, sparkling, looking at each of us with love and hope and peace. In the middle of a deeply sad goodbye-ing, Jesus and Nana gave us hope. She sang us an old song about how on the mountains and in the valleys, in life and in death, Jesus is constant.

Here is one of the prayers I read to Nana, with Kat:
"The shade of death lies upon your face, my loved one,
but the Jesus of grace has His hand round about you;
in nearness to the Trinity farewell to your pains;
Christ stands before you and peace is in his mind."


That's a photo to treasure! Lovely pics of girls, Meggs. A REPTILE party???????
Have only just read the text. How can something be so sad and yet so beautiful at the same time?? Lovely Celtic prayer you read her. Much love to all, MUM
beautiful beautiful beautiful. that if fullness of life right there. amazing for you all to share that time. Thank God for that dream to give way to you having that space together. HEAPS of love to you all from us 3
Anonymous said…
wow - what a great prayer...so good you can have this time. hope everyone is coping ok and special love to you all


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