Hello! This is my good friend Karen, with whom I write, laugh, eat, drink, and plan our India trip...

I am feeling very excited, as tomorrow Bens and I are dropping Eowyn and Cosette at my parents in law (yes, Sue is feeling really well, and up to having the girls over night! It's wonderful!) We're going to hear the Dalai Lama talk about teaching children empathy, and tomorrow evening and Saturday, we're going to Brian D McLaren 'Everything Must Change'. I am ever so excited at the prospect of all this neuronal stimulation!

Much love to you all, from me!


caroline said…
thats a beautiful picture of you!
...and I wish you a great weekend!
love caro
wow! sounds like a great weekend :) enjoy (and say hello to DL for me)
We heard part of DL's Seattle talk. Great that Sue could do that. Love
so how was the DL?? good to chat the other day. thx for the encouragement. love becca
Anonymous said…
you look EVER so happy in that pic megan, love you

Anonymous said…
Hi Megs you gorgeous thing!


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