Yesterday we ventured forth unto Lake Coco and Lake Eowyn (AKA Boardman Lake!), a hike the girls have been doing all their lives, to which we have also escorted Grandma, Gump, Uncle Sam, Great Auntie Nancie, 2nd Cousin Mim, 2nd Cousin Taylor, 2nd Cousin India, 2nd Cousin Ethan, 2nd Cousin Abigail (in utero!), 1st cousin-once-removed April, 1st cousin-once-removed Dave, AND we would like to extend an invitation to YOU, as it is indeed very beautiful! As ever, our friend the chipmunk was too speedy and evaded our camera! Oops! All the pics of our hike seemed to have evaded our camera! You'll just have to come and see it for yourself/ves!


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