Vincent Van Gogh

Tom gave me this print when he, Anita and I were in New York in 2001! It's sacred for me, because when I first met this painting and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1996, I prayed God would put me in a dear little family like this, and he did!

Eowyn and Coco are gliding in New Horizons' WALK! And if you'd like to sponsor them, why, you can! New Horizons is the homeless teen drop-in centre I volunteer for. I've been there 7 months and am growing very attached to some of the kids.Last night we took them roller skating at a really groovy retro place. They loved it and were very tricky on wheels! To find out more about NH, go to, and to sponsor E and C, please make cheques out to New Horizons and send them to
The Ady Ladies,
'Bag End'
10345 32nd Ave. NE
Seattle WA 98125 USA
Thanks and cheers,
PS Eowyn is playing schools, Coco being her student, and just said: "OK kids, time for free choice!!" They are adorable!!!!!!!!


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