Dear ones,

I am grieving intensely for my dear friends in Seattle, and for our delightful home, Bag End, and our garden and our sledding hill which probably will have snow on it next week, and each precious person to me and to Bens and to Eowyn and to Coco, and their lovely, supportive, amazing classes at school, and for my little nooks in my home where I would sit and drink tea and relax.

The feeling is an ache where my heart is, and it hurts. I am wishing I was still in Seattle. I love the family I am spending time with here so very much - I just wish that I was returning to my home and familiar world.

I keep crying all the time.

Bens and Eowyn and Coco are so wonderful, and all feel very close, and for this I am thankful.



Anonymous said…
Dear,Sweet Meg, I'm so sorry for the aching in your heart. Although I too ache for the loving friend now so far away, I can't truly know what you're feeling. I wish I could give you hugs and tell you it will all be okay. But what I really want to do, what would bring my heart so much joy is to have you back in the US! I miss you terribly. Terribly. For as much as I want you here, I wish you peace in your heart. Find your peace Meg! I love you and miss you so!!!! Sarah
Anonymous said…

Are you here in Oz now? I feel like celebrating that we are in the same country again yet know too what it is to grieve at a separation. God bless you my dear friend.

Moonaroo said…
Dear Meg
It is so nice to read your blog and know what is going on with you. I have realized lately how a friendship with you is a physically present one for me at least and that is what makes this new, long distance way of communicating so hard. Fiona misses Eowyn and sends her love. I miss you and send my love as well. Love, Karen
anita said…
poor dear is such a big move

all our love

Serendipity said…

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