Hello! Sam dug up this photo from long, long ago! It's (right to left) my brother Tom, cousin April, me and cousin Jim!!!

Eowyn is overjoyed - she's found her lost ukelele!

Coco saw a photo of Emmadog and said: “He didn’t die anymore!” “Yes he did, but he’ll be up in heaven now!” replied Eowyn

Bens is reading the girls 'Sloth's Shoes', a lovely gift from Uncle Sam (who's hot!!)

Coco and I just had a conversation which was healing for me - we were talking about Madeline's appendix scar, and I showed her my appendix scar, and my Caesarean scar, and told her the story of her birth, and how the doctors took her away from me to intensive care, and Daddy and Eowyn were with her. I'm sometimes irrationally afraid for Cosette's wellbeing, and realised the root of that lies in my sorrow and fear when she was taken away from me moments after her birth. She and I are cuddling right now. I love her smell. Coco says: "I want to say HI. Can I say HI? Can I say it now? Mum, are you gonna let me say it? HI!!!"


baker st jones said…
well you can see why this wouldn't ever make it onto my blog. /T
sam and becca said…
your blog is looking lovely - new look?
i made a scrumptious enourmous lasagne last night - from the fantastic recipe book that you made for us. i lvoe recipe books and especially your description of things and little added tid-bits. i read some of them out to my sister :)
half the lasagne has gone in the freezer for another lucky day :)
thank you! did you invent it?!! love you, becca
Kate said…

What I can't get over is how you and April haven't changed a bit -- love the co-ordinated outfits too!
Doesn't it all look 70's? Meggs - am remembering Stephen - died 20 years ago today. Love you, Mum
sam and becca said…
isn't it a great photo? i love the rounded corners!
Suse said…
You all look smashing!

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